Mindfulness courses

I am offering mindfulness courses. The goal is to help children and adults who experience intense feelings of anger, sadness and stress. It provides a mechanism for them to turn down their anger and stress.

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day and with the associated emotions that these thoughts can invoke, it is very easy to understand how your mind can become overwhelmed.

The courses are designed to help the individual take control of their thoughts to bring about a feeling of control and calmness.

Children and parent sessions

This course is designed to help the child find a calmer outlook. The parent can help the child with their practises but will also benefit from the practises.

Adult sessions

The world is a stressful place and a mindfulness course can help you put things into perspective. Training your mind is a very rewarding and fulfilling process. I find many occasions when thinking in a mindful way has helped be be happier, less stressed and sleep better.

How can mindfulness help children?

  • Increased ability to orient attention
  • Increased working memory and planning and organization
  • Increased self esteem
  • Increased sense of calmness, relaxation, and self-acceptance
  • Increased quality of sleep
  • Decreased test anxiety
  • Decreased ADHD behaviours- hyperactivity and impulsivity
  • Decreased negative affect/emotions
  • Fewer conduct and anger management problems 

What is mindfulness?

The goal of mindfulness is to train the mind to focus on the the present. As a result, worries and thoughts about the past and future are put a side. Being able to take control of ones thoughts helps children and adults alike to approach situations in life with a clearer mind.

Have you ever noticed that when you are doing quite familiar and repetitive tasks, like driving your car, or vacuuming, that your mind is often miles away thinking about something else? You may be fantasising about going on a holiday, worrying about some upcoming event, or thinking about any number of other things. In all of these cases you are not focusing on your current experience, and you are not really in touch with the ‘here and now.’ This way of operating is often referred to as the automatic pilot mode. Mindfulness is the opposite of automatic pilot mode. It is about experiencing the world that is firmly in the ‘here and now.’ This mode is referred to as the being mode. It offers a way of freeing oneself from automatic and unhelpful ways of thinking and responding.

How does it work?

There are many techniques and meditations that help the mind focus on the the present. These techniques require discipline and practice. However, I know from my own experience how spending a little time can have huge benefits to your state of mind.

Below is an example of a 3 minute meditation.


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