Darrell has been an excellent tutor to my son for the last 4 years. My son started with Darrell after he was given a diagnosis of dyspraxia (special educational needs). Darrell has been a huge support and has really helped him to develop, learn and understand in a safe, caring and peaceful environment.

Darrell has a child centred approach that is focused on their individual learning needs. He is empathetic, caring, calm and has extremely good teaching methods. His classroom is bright and engaging whilst being peaceful and focused on learning.

Darrell is engaging, patient and encouraging, my son took to him very quickly and this really helped him to learn, develop and understand.

My son is now reaching all of his targets and I know that Darrell really helped him to reach his potential. I cannot thank Darrell enough for all of his hard work.

Kate Allen

Darrell is an excellent tutor. He has great patience, explains things in detail and incorporates interesting ways of learning. My son went to him for both Maths & English and it really was a great help to him. I would definitely recommend Achieve Tuition if you want some extra help for your child. Money well spent.


Sam Healy – Parent

I’ve been sending my children to Darrell for both English and maths for a few years. He is a fantastic tutor and my children have come on leaps and bounds since doing the extra lessons. Their confidence in the subjects has grown tremendously and I highly recommend him.


Louise Simcox – Parent

Darrell is an excellent teacher. My son, who has SEN has been having lessons with him for 3 years and he has been fantastic with him. My son has come in really well with Darrells help. Highly recommended


Kate Allen – Parent

We went to Darrell for help following Lockdown, as we felt our 9yr old may have fallen behind after so much time out of school.
He’s now moved up a set in both Maths & English, thanks to Darrell’s help, and has increased in confidence too!


Helen Venebles – Parent

Darrell is a great tutor and has been brilliant at increasing my daughter’s confidence and English skills. She enjoys her weekly sessions and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Achieve Tuition if you are connsidering some extra help for your child.

Claire Bailey – Parent

Highly recommended. My son was very nervous about his SATs at the beginning of year 6 and he really disliked maths, however that all changed when he started to attend achieve intuition. Within a few sessions his attitude towards maths turned positive and he started to look forward to learning each week. He then went on to do well in his SATs. Thank you!

Emily Graham


Darrell has been great. Built my son’s confidence with maths and he’s made very noticeable improvements. Would fully recommended.

Andrew Copeland


Would highly recommend, our son is growing in confidence thanks to Darrell.

Tara Hine


Extremely good with shy child bringing her out of her shell. The games keep her learning with fun. She loves going.

Donna Harris


I worked with Darrell Oakden as a teaching assistant in year 5, so I have first-hand knowledge of his excellent and successful teaching practices. His gentle, calm and patient manner; his depth of subject knowledge and his ability to successfully explain detailed concepts to children he teaches helps them to reach the high standards that he sets. Darrell consistently maintains an inspiring and creative learning environment for his pupils so I was extremely happy and confident that when my son joined his class he would thrive and achieve his best. My son had an amazingly happy and stimulating year with Darrell and he also exceeded his targets and goals. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Darrell as a personal tutor.

Gail Diorazio, Congleton


I have worked alongside Mr Oakden as his TA for several years. I found him to be patient, determined and an extremely approachable member of staff for both adults and children of all ages. His ability to grab and retain children’s attention is excellent and he makes each lesson both fun and stimulating. He helps every individual child, no matter their ability, to reach their potential and enjoy doing so. He will be sorely missed by both staff and pupils. I wish him all the best and know he will make an excellent private tutor.

Mrs K Gear, Congleton


Mr Oakden taught my daughter in year 5 at primary school. He was a brilliant teacher. Sophie really enjoyed his lessons especially art and maths. I feel that I was listened to as a parent and I was very pleased with the progress she made.

Mrs N. Gocol, Congleton


My Girls have great memories of you as their teacher and sing your praises. We wish you every success with Achieve Tuition, may you continue to be a guiding light.

Mrs D. Evans, Endon


We feel Lily has improved so much during her time in Mr Oakden’s class. Lily has become more confident with her reading and writing and has started to draw on future learning and theory, applying this to practice.

Mrs D. Sadler, Congleton


What can I say other than WOW! I a super impressed with how Maizie has done this year. Thank you Mr Oakden

Mrs Milward, Congleton


When I learned that Mr Oakden was leaving teaching to become a private tutor I was really disappointed that my daughter would not get the opportunity to be in his class. Mr Oakden taught my son Kyle a couple of years ago and I admired his dedication and approach to teaching. I wish wish him well and any child tutored under him will be very lucky indeed

Mrs Laura Stewart, Congleton.

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